Harcon Corp S.A.C.

We are a Peruvian company founded in 2013 and dedicated to the building of houses, drinking water plants, rural schools, supporting hospitals, warehouses, irrigation infrastructure, bridges, agro-industrial complexes and others in the urban and rural areas of the coast, highlands and Amazon forest. Additionally, we work with all the complementary small infrastructure and the signaling required for its efficiency. For the satisfaction of our clients, we fully comply with the Peruvian technical regulations, which consider international standards of quality, safety, occupational health and the environment.

Our extensive work experience in the public and private sectors allows us to offer solutions to your problems through the design and/or execution of your projects, quickly and safely (including preliminary 3D plans and animations). We are committed to being an important company in the construction sector based on our technical capacity and work ethics.

Taking advantage of the multiple trips to the interior of our country, our staff obtains helpful information for preparing technical proposals on issues of social infrastructure, management and optimization of hydric resources in order to improve the water quality for drinking and technical irrigation purposes. All the aforementioned is to increase the living conditions of our rural population and to allow the expansion of the agricultural frontier. Some of these proposals can be considered as initiatives for Public-Private Partnership Projects (APP).

Our technical staff has more than 20 years of work experience, 15 of which were in a multilingual environment (Spanish-English-Quechua languages). All working team members have a high technical and executive capability due to professional training from the best universities of Peru. In addition to that, their technical skills have been updated by attending specialized courses abroad in countries such as Japan, Canada, USA and Venezuela.

Responsibility, seriousness and quick response are the main characteristics of our services from the beginning of operations after the signing of the contract until the completion of the work.
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