Harcon Corp. has highly qualified personnel and takes its mission serious for helping our private and governmental clients (Regional Governments, Provincial and District Municipalities).                  
That is why, technical advice from our staff is permanently focused on offering more than one alternative. By doing that, investments of the aforementioned institutions will always be secured.

Preparation and execution of projects

  • Construction of Precast Type Plates. Cañete, Lima. 2021-2023.
  • Ballasting of 11 Km of Highway. Sector San Vicente de Cañete– APAVIS. Lima. 2021.
  • Demolition and construction of the Convent of our Virgin of Wisdom. Pachacamac. Lima, 2020.
  • Construction of a 160 m3 water reservoir. Sector of San Vicente de Cañete. Lima, 2019.
  • Construction of Sidewalks and Curbs in the Sector of San Vicente de Cañete. Lima, 2019.
  • Advice on subdivision and design of the drinking water and drainage systems. Cañete; Lima, 2019.
  • Construction of Complementary Works on the Pizana road. Sector of La Pólvora; San Martin, 2018.
  • Installation of safety road barriers. Sectors: Huarmey-Lima and Ancash-Lima, 2018.
  • Foundation and assembly of the Tarapoto aggregate crushing plant. Saint Martin, 2017.
  • Irrigation system (26kms) coming from the right shore of the Shanusi river, Yurimaguas. Loreto, 2017.
  • Marking and painting of 18 km of pavement. Sector: Lima – Cercado. Lima, 2017.
  • Shotblasting / painting of bridges. Sector: Pto. Maldonado–Matarani. Madre de Dios, Arequipa 2016.
  • Drinking water system for 14 rural communities of the Banda de Shilcayo District. San Martin, 2016.
  • Cold asphalt treatment for road works. Sector: Matarani–Punta Bombón; Arequipa. 2015.
  • Installation of complementary works and road safety barriers. Sector: Lima–Canta. Lima. 2014.
  • Design of drainage (28), river defenses and irrigation systems (drip and sprinkler) for a total of 1,380 hectares. Regions: Ancash, Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Ucayali, Pasco, Cusco and Puno. 2013.